The Australian public is wise to a number of the strategies employed by traditional publicists, which is why Australian public relation firms are increasingly changing their tactics to achieve cut-through for their clients. The innovation in this sector is driving significant growth, and analysts are excited.

The top PR agencies are on a roll, signing clients and expanding their footprint internationally. In fact, Australia, given its small population, commands a respectable proportion of global revenue in the publicity sector.

While the top PR agencies globally have revenues in excess of $500 million, the top players in Australia are gaining traction and stealing market share in a highly competitive macro environment.

Baden Bower

Clutch is a review site that has a list of pr agencies in Australia that are snatching attention, yet analysts believe that Baden Bower might be the leading PR agency in Australia, despite having its head office in the British Virgin Islands. The pr agency utilizes AI and other innovations to propel its clients into the spotlight, which in turn has compounded its client register and revenues. It has pioneered an incredible editorial placement platform, reaching Tier 1 global news publications, much to the delight of its surging client base.

A rising dominant force that has joined the ranks of the top PR agencies internationally, Baden Bower is seen by many as the world’s most prominent public relations disruptors. The top PR firm for startups in particular helps companies create incredibly impactful ideas that make a real difference to a brand’s reputation and brand positioning.

One of its specialities is reputation management. Baden Bower's guaranteed PR efforts that can assist in reversing negative sentiment, illuminating and reinforcing brand values, and relegating negative content about a person or brand to page 2 or 3 of search results.

The PR agency has achieved consistent double-digit CAGR since launching and bought its CEO, Adrian John Iganicio, accolades across a multitude of global news sites.

Businesses are looking for ways to develop and convey their values and influence as consumers focus more on the purpose behind the brands they support. And Baden Bower is in a good position to help brands achieve this.


Baden Bower is a pr agency that dominates in the field of guaranteed press and editorial coverage. It is the leading PR agency with specialization in guaranteed placement of news stories across internationally recognized news brands.