The protocol is "a pilot project for emergency medical assistance between Galicia and the North region of Portugal, which will come into operation soon after signing", by the National Institute of Medical Emergency of Portugal (INEM) and the health entity of Galicia.

According to the minister, 112 Transfrontier will guarantee "fast and adequate medical assistance in urgent and emergency situations, by the means that are closest, regardless of whether they are Portuguese or Spanish".

In addition, she added, "it includes extra-hospital care, that is, after receiving emergency treatment", the same person "will be able to choose where they want to continue the treatment", in their area of ​​residence or in the place to which they were transferred in the first place, even if it is across the border.

The objective is to replicate this protocol and the project in all other regions of Portugal and Spain, a country where health competences belong to the autonomous regions.