In September, more than 100 temporary workers were laid off and now, many of the more than 200 permanent workers are at the same risk, according to SIC Notícias.

Speaking to the television channel, the mayor of Constância, Sérgio Oliveira, said that contacts are already being made with the IEFP, in order to guide the employees who will leave the company.

"IEFP is in contact with the Chamber, with a view to guiding workers who, in the meantime, go into unemployment and the Chamber made itself available to arrange a space in the municipality so that the IEFP could give a closer follow-up to people", said the mayor

"There are entire families that work there," added Sérgio Oliveira.

According to SIC Notícias, the company is carrying out an amicable termination process with its staff. So far, eight workers have left, but the process will be evaluated weekly.

"The indications we have is that the company will not close", concluded the president of the Chamber.