According to a report by NM, €979 was the value of the most expensive order registered by Uber Eats, while the day that saw the most ever orders was February 14, 2021.

In a statement, regarding the five years in Portugal, which are celebrated on November 28, Uber Eats also reveals that the most requested items are water, fruit, and vegetables, and the most requested meal category is sushi and Japanese.

"While food delivery continues to generate the highest volume of deliveries, the segments of supermarket shopping, convenience stores, cultural items, wellness, beauty, florists, health, and retail, in general, are growing", explains Diogo Aires Conceição, general director of Uber Eats in Portugal.

Uber Eats adds that this year, it has reached geographic coverage of more than 100 cities in Portugal and has 12,000 partner restaurants and merchants across the country.

"We hope over the next five years to continue to provide magical moments, innovative surprises, and more and more options that make users' lives easier and make Uber Eats an everyday companion," concluded Diogo Aires Conceição.