“When the intensity of rain is so heavy it is impossible to have solutions, because whatever the flow is, it cannot handle situations with this intensity of water”, Rogério Bacalhau (PSD) told Lusa.

According to the mayor, the heavy rain, which caused flooding, with material damage, “is a specific situation, about which little can be done, except to minimise the damage and help people”.

“I regret what happened, I understand people, their concerns, that they are desperate in the face of these occurrences, but there are no major actions to be taken by the council because as soon as the rain stopped the water flow was immediate”, he said.

Rogério Bacalhau underlined that the rainwater drainage system in the city of Faro “is not inadequate, because as soon as there was a decrease in rainfall, the water disappeared, demonstrating that it is working properly”.

“If we had a different system, probably, given the intense rain in a short period of time, we would still have floods”, he noted.

The mayor also said that "the floods also did not result from the lack of cleaning of the gutters, given that during Sunday the municipal services proceeded to clean them in the areas considered to be the most problematic".

According to the official, the heavy rain that hit the county, with greater incidence in the city centre, “did not affect housing that would require the relocation of people”.

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Image by CNN Portugal