In a situation report, with data from 00:00 on the 7th to 08:00 today, José Costa, from the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection (ANEPC), said that in total, 7,954 events were recorded, most of which were floods (4,841), followed by road cleaning (1,017).

The bad weather that has been felt since last week has also left 88 people homeless - "who in the meantime may have already been relocated or are in population support centres" - and also caused 961 tree falls, 573 structure collapses and 527 movements of mass (landslides), added the official.

According to the operations officer, there were also 15 land rescues and 10 water rescues.

The most affected districts were Lisbon, with 4,281 occurrences, Setúbal (849), Santarém (461), Coimbra (343) and Portalegre (307).