With more people working on their own terms, a wave is happening. These professionals are branching out from their own cities and experiencing work from a new location. Portugal, and the Algarve in particular, is quickly becoming a popular choice.

The opportunity this presents to property owners is huge. Observing remote working trends has helped SandyBlue’s owner partners make small changes to really capture this audience.

‘Workations’ and ‘Bleisure’ travel - are they really just buzzwords?

When it comes to the remote working topic, there have been many buzzwords thrown around to identify these new styles of merging travel and work. However, they should not be simply written off as simple buzzwords that will fade away. These trends are real and they’re happening right now.

A ‘workation’ applies to someone who is able to work 100% remotely. They are not confined by an office HQ or set hours. So, doing this in a new location poses no barriers for them. With a growing portion of these guests choosing to stay for more than four weeks, it is a great opportunity for Algarve property owners to capitalise on a growing trend.

‘Bleisure’ travel is slightly different, though it offers people the chance to blend business with travel. For example, families looking to book a long summer holiday can sometimes find it hard to fit work around the school holidays. So, ‘bleisure’ tourists will work for half of their stay and use the other half to relax properly. Research shows that a majority of ‘bleisure’ travellers stay at the same place for both the business and leisure portions of their stay.

The benefits for remote workers and property owners are endless

Portugal has shown an increasingly progressive attitude towards remote working. In 2021, the government passed a law that prevents employers from contacting staff outside of working hours. The country has since extended an invitation to digital nomads to enjoy these benefits.

Productivity thrives when one can enjoy the sunshine and a friendly environment. Furthermore, a healthy work-life balance increases well-being and gives workers a positive approach to their work. Furthermore, for UK workers, there are no issues with time zones, meaning that they won’t have to shift their work hours for online meetings.

The affinity that this market builds for a specific location is great for owners in the Algarve. As mentioned, they prefer to stay in the same place for both travel and business. These extended stays guarantee a steady stream of rental income. Marketing to this demographic is something SandyBlue is already doing. The simple message of fast Wi-Fi, great interiors and relaxing outdoor space creates great allure for remote workers everywhere. Ultimately, it generates a pool of repeat guests that cannot be ignored.

Our team ensure the experience is seamless for both guests and owners. For guests, we offer an all-inclusive price which includes weekly cleaning and a personalised concierge service. With owners, they can rest assured that we will take care of all matters of the stay and prepare the property to the highest of standards.

The Algarve opens its arms to remote workers

It truly is exciting to see a whole new demographic looking towards the Algarve as their place to travel and work. It will be interesting to keep a close eye on this trend and witness the Algarve develop into a destination with much more to offer.

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