According to preliminary data from INE, in 2022 24,500 buildings were licensed and 14,800 properties were completed. The numbers correspond to decreases of 3.5% and 3.2%, respectively, compared to 2021. But, compared to 2019, they exceed by 0.7% in licensed buildings and by 8.1% in completed buildings.

The downward trend in construction in 2022 was recorded during the fourth quarter of last year (September to December), when 5,400 buildings were licensed. Less 3.8% compared to the same period and a drop of 9.5% compared to the last quarter of 2019, according to INE data.

In the last ten years, “the number of licensed buildings increased by around 7.9 thousand buildings, corresponding to an increase of 47.7%”. In 2022, the number of licensed buildings reached 24.5 thousand and in 2013 this number was 16.6 thousand, underlines the same body.

However, underlines the statistics office, between 2013 and 2017 there was a “successive decrease in the number of licensed buildings”. The year 2016 “marked the beginning of the reversal of this trend, registering, for the first time, a growth of 12.1% compared to the previous year”, which corresponded to an increase of 1,859 licensed buildings. That year, 17,171 licensed buildings were registered and in 2015 there were 15,312.