In 2021, the archipelago registered 616 overnight stays in tourist accommodation per 100 inhabitants, when at national level the number stood at 360.

The island of Flores was the one with the highest number, with 1,228 overnight stays per 100 inhabitants, but Faial (881), São Miguel (680) and Pico (643) were also above the regional average.

The data are part of the “Portrait of the Azores”, by Pordata, a statistical database of the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation.

The 2023 portrait was released in connection with the launch of the book “Jénifer, or the princess of France – the (really) unknown islands”, by Joel Neto, part of the Foundation’s Portraits collection, which is taking place in Ponta Delgada, with a debate on the future of the Azores.

In 2021, the archipelago had 367 tourist accommodations (5.9% of those in Portugal), which welcomed 501,158 guests (3.5% of those registered in the country) and had around 77.7 million euros in income.

According to Pordata's portrait, that year, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in the Azores (18,690 euros) was lower than the national one (20,698).