At issue is “the immediate suspension of the authorization of new registrations”, for a new period of six months, counting from the end of the period of the suspension currently in force, and “until the entry into force of the amendment to the Municipal Regulation of Local Accommodation […] or until another legal regime comes into force”.

This is the third time that this measure has been approved in the 2021-2025 term, under the proposal of PS, BE and Livre in the Lisbon City Council, which was made possible by the City Council executive on February 22, with the votes in favor of all the councilors of the opposition, including the proponents, PCP and Cidadãos Por Lisboa (elected by the PS/Livre coalition), and with the votes against by the PSD/CDS-PP leadership, which governs without an absolute majority.

In the assembly, similar to the previous votes, the proposal was approved again, with votes against by PSD, PAN, Iniciativa Liberal (IL), MPT, PPM, Aliança, CDS-PP and Chega and votes in favor by BE, Livre, PEV, PCP, two deputies from Cidadãos Por Lisboa and PS.

Before considering the proposal, during the intervention period open to the public, Carla Costa Reis, representing local accommodation workers, with about a dozen people present in the assembly auditorium, warned that the actual number of AL establishments available “is smaller than what was originally accounted for”.

With a t-shirt saying “leave AL alone”, Carla Costa Reis defended that “only with accurate and updated data can informed decisions be made that benefit everyone”, recalling that the Characterization and Monitoring Report of Local Accommodation, released two weeks ago by the chamber, he says that “two out of three LA in Lisbon correspond to 'phantom licenses'”.

As with previous deliberations, the suspension will apply “in parishes where there is a ratio between the number of local accommodation establishments and the number of permanent dwellings equal to or greater than 2.5%”.

Based on data on the weight of local accommodation relative to classic family accommodation in the 24 parishes of the city of Lisbon, presented in the proposal, there are 15 parishes that present a ratio greater than 2.5%, with the entry of Campolide, which joins Santa Maria Maior (52%), Misericórdia (39%), Santo António (26%), São Vicente (16%), Arroios (14%), Estrela (11%), Avenidas Novas (7%), Alcântara ( 5%), Belém (4%), Campo de Ourique (4%), Parque das Nações (4%) and Penha de França (4%), Ajuda (3%) and Areeiro (3%).