In a statement, People-Animais-Natureza challenges the Government to include “vegetable protein-based food products in the list of essential goods that will have zero VAT, thus also covering about one million people in Portugal who have adopted this diet”.

“Contrary to what many may believe, more and more people in our country are eating plant-based foods, which is why it is important that, in negotiations between the Government and the food and distribution sectors, the list of foodstuffs that will have zero VAT also includes vegetable protein-based foods”, defends the PAN spokeswoman.

Inês de Sousa Real considers that, “despite the changes that have been introduced in recent years with a view to reducing the VAT rate applied to vegetable protein-based foods, it is important that they are not left out of the essential basket, in the current context of the food crisis”.

Pointing to “the positive impact that plant-based food has on the health of people and the planet”, Inês de Sousa Real considers that “it makes no sense for the Government to leave these foods out and, on the other hand, include foods that can contribute to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

“The difficulty in accessing healthy food must also be tackled by these government support measures”, defends the sole deputy.