In previous editions, Leiria Run has passed inside the office of the mayor of Leiria, in a courtroom or behind the altar of a church, recalled the councillor for Sport of the municipality.

“These are places that people usually don't know about. And they are surprised by what the city has to offer”, said Carlos Palheira to Lusa agency.

It will be “a challenging route, both the run and the walk”, and in the more competitive aspect “there is always the 'must' which is to go around the river [Lis]”.

The steps are another characteristic aspect of Leiria Run.

“Our territory has some hills and so we have many, many steps. There will be close to a thousand in this year's edition”, anticipated the councillor.

The organisation admitted that, as in previous years, registrations are sold out - there are 1,000 available for the race and 3,000 for the walk, 'online' at -, attracting “people from all latitudes to Leiria".

“It is an event that mobilises the community a lot. We limit registrations to four thousand because of the issue of fluidity: in a courtroom, and other places with slow passage, four thousand [people] take a long time... We are limiting the number of people because of that, otherwise we would have many more”, he underlined.

In addition to the physical activity and informal sport component, Leiria Run “is a gathering of families: it is a place of communion in the city itself, people go out as a family to the street and all go, in symbiosis, to discover the local area”.