Francisco Amaral (PSD) told Lusa that, after taking office in Castro Marim, in 2013, he realized that “there were still 57 hills that did not even have potable water” and where the “supply was done through non-potable holes” , there are now about “half a dozen” villages, which in the summer did not even have water, because the boreholes were dry.

Asked by Lusa whether the water distribution work in scattered villages will be completed by the end of his mandate, in 2025, Francisco Amaral replied yes and indicated that the works are now reaching the villages of Matos and Pisa Barro.

“I am convinced that half a dozen of them [villages] are missing. There is one that worries us a lot, but we have already found a technical solution and, in principle, it will go to tender for work in a short time”, said the mayor of Castro Marim.