After the first day of April was marked by rain in the north of the country and a slight drop in temperature, the temperature will rise again today. However, it will last for a short time as at the end of the week it returns to typical spring values.

According to the forecast by the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA), for Tuesday the thermometers will reach 28 degrees in Setúbal and Santarém, with only the district of Guarda remaining with temperatures below 20 degrees, with 17 degrees.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the temperature will continue to rise. 29 degrees will be recorded in Setúbal and 28 degrees in Santarém.

The capital, Lisbon, will also reach 27 degrees on Thursday, and Santarém will reach 30 degrees.

At the end of the week, temperatures drop slightly again, and there may even be light precipitation in the Centre and North.