"Considering all the measures in force, the reduction in the tax burden will be 32.8 cents per litre of diesel and 34 cents per litre of gasoline", says the ministry in a statement.

Compared to the first half of April, the ministry says that the total discount on the tax burden is maintained for petrol and slightly reduced for diesel, given the evolution of fuel prices in recent weeks.

The measures to mitigate the increase in fuel prices that remain in force in the second half of April are the mechanism applicable to the ISP equivalent to a decrease in the VAT rate from 23% to 13% and the compensation mechanism via a reduction in the ISP from additional VAT revenue, resulting from changes in fuel prices, in addition to the suspension of the carbon tax update.

The ministry also adds that, within the framework of measures to support the agricultural sector, it maintains the reduction of 6 cents in the taxation of agricultural diesel.