According to the survey on “Living Conditions and Income”, released by INE, among the aspects taken into account, personal relationships were the ones that most satisfied the Portuguese.

On a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 means “not at all satisfied” and 10 means “completely satisfied”, the average of “satisfaction with life in general” of the Portuguese was 7, which means a slight decrease compared to 7, 1 achieved in 2021, but above the 6.8 recorded in 2018. According to the data released, more than half of the respondents (58.5%) point out their level of “satisfaction with life in general” as “average”, 21 .6% as “low” and the remaining 19.9% as “high”.

“Trust in people” (without considering friends and family) continued to improve, rising from 5.2 in 2018 to 5.6 in 2022. In this scenario, 46.1% of Portuguese people point out that their level of trust in people it is “low”, 47.2% as “medium” and only 6.7% say it is “high”.

To assess the “satisfaction with life in general” of the Portuguese, the statistics office took into account several indicators, namely “personal relationships”, “the financial situation of the household” and “free time available”. In this context, "personal relationships were, on average, the ones that most satisfied the population aged 16 or over (8.2), while the financial situation of the household was the least positive aspect, with an average satisfaction of 6".