Authorisation from the city council is not required when:

Works do not require demolition, which therefore do not jeopardise the stability of the property or the building (does not affect pillars, beams or support walls), or do not involve modifying the height of the house or its floors, or the shape of the facades or the roof. However, we Deco advises that you still always consult a technician. In the case of a building, a notice of works must be placed;

Painting the house (apartment) inside or tiling in kitchens or bathrooms;

Fixing the roof or installing solar panels – if, at the end of the work, the roof is in an identical and the solar panels do not exceed the coverage area of the building nor exceed its height by one metre;

Closing off a balcony – in many municipalities it is mandatory to have a municipal license, but in others it is enough to make a prior communication to the council. Check with your municipality. In the case of a building in a condominium, and since the architectural line of the building may be at stake, the condominium must authorise the work by a two-thirds majority. The same is valid for placing protections on balconies.

Authorisation from the city council is required when:

Modifying the facade of the building, enlarging it, for example, implies municipal licensing;

Painting the building in a different colour than the original (painting the same tone does not require formalities).