At the top of the list is being a nurse: "It is one of the most rewarding and essential professions, as it involves caring for people's health and well-being, offering them physical and emotional support. Nurses value the challenge and variety of their work, as well as the opportunity to improve the quality of life of their patients and contribute to society in general. In addition, nursing has a high demand in the job market, offers good remuneration and has a high level of social recognition" according to the survey and reported by NM.

Next up is being a programmer: "It is one of the most dynamic and innovative professions, as it involves creating and developing digital solutions to solve complex problems. Programmers value the creativity and challenge of their work, as well as the possibility of working on state-of-the-art projects and with multidisciplinary teams. In addition, programming has a wide variety of specialties and is one of the best-paid professions today".

The third profession on the list is an architect: "This is one of the most creative and challenging professions, as it involves designing and building functional and aesthetically appealing spaces and buildings. Architects value the creativity and innovation of their work, as well as the opportunity to work on challenging projects and with diverse clients. In addition, architecture is a highly valued profession in society, offers good remuneration and has a great professional projection".

The final job on the list of rewarding professions is a language teacher: "It is one of the most rewarding and enriching professions, as it involves teaching communication and understanding between different cultures and countries. Language teachers value the possibility of working with people of different backgrounds and ages, as well as the opportunity to develop intercultural and communication skills. In addition, language teaching is one of the professions with high demand and many job opportunities, offering fair remuneration and growing social recognition".