Workers in companies earned on average €1,294 in 2021. The energy and water sectors, as well as financial and insurance activities, were the highest paid, but not the ones generating the most wealth for the country, revealed this Monday, International Workers' Day, by Pordata shows.

It is the "representatives of legislative power and executive bodies (more 1,483 euros)", the "intellectual and scientific professions (more 701 euros)" and the "intermediate level technicians (more 314 euros) - among which there is one exception: intermediate level technicians and health professionals earn 108 euros less than the national average" - who earn salaries above the national average (1,294 euros).

Within these three groups, the best paid jobs are in management or executive positions, starting with representatives of the legislative power and of executive bodies, senior managers of public administration, company directors and managers. These earn an average salary of 3,577 euros.

They are followed by directors of administrative and commercial services (3,091 euros); directors of production and specialised services (2,826 euros); and also technicians in legal, social, sports and cultural services (2,331 euros).

"Professions in the STEM areas (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are also among the best paid, with salaries above €1,850," Pordata also highlights. Specialists in information and communication technologies (ICT) earn, on average, 2,198 euros; while specialists in finance, accounting, administrative organisation, public relations and sales earn 2,111 euros. The salary of specialists in physical sciences, mathematics and engineering is 2,019 euros and that of health professionals is 1,869 euros.