This year, the bathing season will include 589 supervised beaches, four more than last year, according to the ordinance published in Diário da República.

There are a total of 658 identified bathing waters, that is, four more locations compared to the bathing season of 2022. Of the almost 600 monitored beaches, 394 were awarded the “Blue Flag”, one more than last year.

According to the statement, the opening of the bathing season will be “progressive”: on the 15th of May it starts on several beaches in the district of Faro, on the 1st of June it opens on most beaches in the center and south of the country and on the 17th of June they are joined by most of the northern beaches. With regard to inland waters, the start of the bathing season takes place between June and July.

The closure will also be progressive, starting at the end of August and extending until October 30 "with the closure of the last beaches, located in Funchal and Porto Santo".