With many seminars held abroad and cases studied, Dr. Jean-Philippe Marcoux has developed a concept of Profils Neurosociology of right and left-handed women and men in which he believes that left-handed people were born with personal traits of the other sex. Simply put, he says that left-handed women behave like men and left-handed men behave like women.

Centuries ago, there it was thought that those who were born left-handed were touched by the devil. Although nobody believes this anymore, the truth is that children are still encouraged to write with their right hand, even when some of them find it easier to write with their left. Furthermore, there are many right-handed people who are not really right-handed. They are left-handed who were forced to write with their right hand when they were young.

Dr. Jean-Philippe Marcoux told me that in his consultations there are many people who don't even know they are left-handed, but when he starts describing them, they are impressed with the accuracy. This is because Jean-Philippe has discovered a method that allows him to draw several profiles. It is on the basis of these profiles that this book was written.

"All profiles are good and that is what we explain in the book. If you understand how you work and how others work, we will get answers to your problems more easily”, he said.

According to them, this book, named “The Left-Handed People”, is an improvement of the first book released on 2005. “It’s improved because we have been more specific in the dynamic of the couples. Right-handed woman with a left-handed man or left-handed woman with a right-handed man. We have also been more specific in the behavior of each of them”, they said.

“The goal of the book is to bring these men and women to realise that we understand them and we give them guide lights so they can be proud of who they are. When they start to regain that identify they will be in peace”, they added.

Different traits

In the book, they have several examples of left-handed men with right-handed women. "It is very difficult for a right-handed woman to live with a left-handed man, because a left-handed man is conceived to be a woman, depending on every profile the man has. If the right-handed woman doesn't understand how he works, she will go crazy, because he expects a lot from her," they say.

“The left-handed woman, we will find them lots of times in Olympic champions, making action movies or television - they have the Amazon way of fighting. Contrary, the left-handed man, they are sensitive, they are the man for family, they receive a lot they need that to feed them”, said Dr. Jean-Philippe Marcoux D.C.

As he said, left-handed men have a higher level of sensibility. “A lot for artists were left-handed. They are great artists in music and painting. For example, Beethoven was left-handed, Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart were left-handed”, said the doctor.

On the other hand, according to this concept, left-handed woman are more active, they like to control and don’t have time to lose. Contrary, left-handed man, are less active and need a lot of love “and more than one woman in their life, even when they are married they might still thinking in other woman”, he said.

The book is available in English. If you would like to get in touch with the authors, please call +351 915 201 825 or check his website at https://www.profilsneurosociologiques.com/


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