According to the Ministry of Justice, the project is funded by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) and succeeds the Online Company created in 2006 to advance with the simplification of procedures and a reduction in bureaucracy at the level of the creation of companies.

Through, anyone with a Citizen Card with an activated digital signature and qualified professionals, such as lawyers, notaries and solicitors, will be able to access the service.

The new platform will ensure cross-referencing with different available databases, with the development of interoperability with the Tax Authority and Social Security, among other public entities, in addition to links to CTT and SIBS.

“In addition to sole proprietorships and limited liability companies, the platform will also allow the creation of public limited companies, a possibility that has been suspended since 2017”, says the ministry supervised by Minister Catarina Sarmento e Castro.

According to information from the Ministry of Justice sent to Lusa, among the main benefits of the platform are increased efficiency, transparency and access in completing applications, the option to pay by MBWay, the provision of 'online' services for foreign citizens who want to invest in Portugal and strong authentication systems to combat money laundering.