In total, there will be another 130 units, which will bring to the market another 15,149 rooms, according to data reported by the consultancy firm Lodging Econometrics (LE) and reported by idealista.

According to the report, 1,776 hotel projects/266,901 rooms are about to come onto the tourism market in Europe:

It should be noted that ahead of Portugal in this ranking are the United Kingdom (340 hotels/47,551 rooms), Germany (238 hotels/40,368 rooms) and France (139 hotels/15,889 rooms).

In an analysis by the city, the LE study concludes that most of the hotels that will open their doors in Europe in the next 12 months are to be found in London (90 units/15,393 rooms). This is followed by Istanbul, in Turkey (42 hotels and 7,360 rooms), Dusseldorf, in Germany (38 units and 7,080 rooms) and Lisbon (35 hotels and 4,073 rooms). The top five is completed by Dublin, Ireland (31 projects and 5,873 rooms).