W Hotels is the luxury lifestyle brand of Marriott Hotels. "Whatever wherever" is the payoff. Hospitality is always central.

You'll find friendly staff everywhere! What an amazing resort!

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Behind the barrier, you will find the hotel's luxurious entrance, with a very hip lounge and luxurious bar.

Author: Peter Cruiming;

To the right is a grand staircase that leads you to Market Kitchen. It has a beautiful luxurious urban style and you can see that a lot of money has been invested. The terrace also looks very good. One part is covered, and one part is not, so you can choose sun or shade.

Author: Peter Cruiming;

The menu is not very extensive, but big enough to make a choice. You'll find starters, soups, salads, main courses and desserts.

Main courses range in price from €24 to €40.

We start with a delicious white Chardonnay (40 euro) from the Lisbon region.

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This is followed by the couvert; delicious bread, olive oil, olives, and carrots. For Marlot, gluten-free bread is served.

Author: Peter Cruiming;

This is followed by a delicious bound vegetable soup (12 euros) and a beautifully prepared beetroot salad (16 euros).

Author: Peter Cruiming;

For the main course, we have a wonderful protein-rich Moroccan chickpea dish (24 euros). For me with seitan, and for my wife with beautifully fried tofu (gluten-free). The dish is full of flavour. We enjoyed it and are going to try to recreate it at home.... It was that delicious!

Author: Peter Cruiming;

The kitchen team (30 people) is led by the new chef, Julio Ferradas. He is a very nice man, who passionately tells me about his mission to make the W restaurants, a popular hotspot. For hotel guests, but also for outside guests. He previously worked at Michelin-star restaurants in other countries and at other Marriott hotels, such as Marriott Hotel Lima and The St. Regis Bermuda Resort. He specialises in Mediterranean and Peruvian cuisine.

The staff are very attentive and helpful, like our waitress Andrea and manager Joana Cruz. I would love to spend a week here, instead of just having lunch, haha.

Author: Peter Cruiming;

The prices for the food and wine here are a lot higher than at an average Portuguese restaurant, but given the beautiful peaceful environment created, and the lovely staff who pamper you, I think that's only natural.

The opening hours are:

19:00–23:00 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Highly recommended!

Rating: Food 9.0 Service 8.5 Price/Quality 8.5 Atmosphere 9.0 TTL rating 8.8
Vegan friendly: 3/5

More info: https://www.hotspotsalgarve.com/restaurants/w-market-kitchen/


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