According to the environmentalist association's accounts, the 10 biggest polluters increased their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 18% in 2022.

In the balance of evolution from 2021 to 2022, the association highlights “the significant increase in emissions from some fossil natural gas thermal power plants for the production of electricity and those associated with air transport (associated with TAP), along with an increase in the refining of fossil fuels".

Petrogal's Sines refinery is, for the second consecutive year, the most polluting facility, having increased emissions by 16%, with its 2.7 million tonnes representing 5% of Portugal's total official emissions in 2021.

The association claims that Sines emissions partly reflect the absorption by the refinery of Matosinhos production, which closed.

“Galp continues to be a company dedicated to the exploration and production of fossil fuels, with more than twice its investment dedicated to them compared to investment in renewables”, warns the association.

The communiqué also points out that the refining sector, production of electricity from the burning of fossil natural gas, cement, air transport and the production of olefins (hydrocarbons) complete the “top 10” of the biggest polluters in the country.

In addition to the Sines refinery, the list drawn up by Zero includes Elecgás – Pego combined cycle plant, with 48% more emissions than in 2021, and in third place is Turbogás – Outeiro combined cycle plant, which did not increase emissions.

Then comes EDP – Ribatejo Thermoelectric Power Station, with 51% more emissions, Cimpor – Alhandra Production Center, with 28% more emissions, and in sixth place comes TAP, which increased emissions by 91% compared to 2021.

In all, the 10 most polluting companies in the country emitted in 2022 more than 12 million tons of carbon dioxide (12,0971,176), when in 2021 they had emitted 10.2 million, which represents an increase of 18%.

“These figures will most likely imply an increase in the country's total emissions for the year 2022 and which are still in the inventory phase”, says Zero.