This conclusion was reached by Brand Finance, the world's brand valuation consultancy, in its "Brand Finance Portugal 25 2023" and reported by Dinheiro Vivo.

This report analysed the most valuable Portuguese brands and also concluded that the top 25 brands in Portugal have a combined value of €12.6 billion. Which represents a value 22 percent higher than that recorded in 2021.

According to the study, the number one company on the list is EDP - with a brand value of 2.4 billion euros - which is present in 29 markets, presented good financial results and implemented expansion plans for 2022. As for reputation, EDP has the highest rating at a national level, although Brand Finance warns that "the Ratios of Awareness (65 percent), Familiarity (49 percent) and Consideration (38 percent) are not very high compared to some of its competitors, such as Galp Energia".

Galp Energia has a brand value of two billion euros (an increase of 40 percent) and has a market share of 26 percent in the fuel sector in Portugal. With a net profit of around €1.5 billion in 2022, the company is focused on the profitability of its projects, continuing to grow its Upstream segment and accelerating the expansion of its brand presence in renewable projects.

In third place in the table is Pingo Doce, which in 2022 achieved 1.1 million euros in sales (9.4 percent growth) and has a brand value of 1.2 billion euros, which means that this increased by 53 percent.

Brand Finance draws attention to the opening of 10 new stores for the national brand and the renovation of 37 others last year. The study says that Pingo Doce had "exceptional scores in Consciousness (99 percent), Familiarity (95 percent) and Consideration (94 percent)".

Highest growth

As the brand registering the highest growth, Brand Finance identifies the Ara supermarket chain (brand value +68 percent to 135.5 million euros), which operates in Colombia, but which belongs to Jerónimo.

The strongest brand category is led by NOS, whose brand value increased by 19 percent to €135.5 million. As the report states, the national operator secures the top position in Brand Finance's Brand Strength Index, with a score of 84/100 and an AAA- rating.

According to the study, NOS achieved high scores in terms of awareness (97 percent) and familiarity (91 percent). At the same time, the telecom company scored 6.2 out of 10 for reputation.

With regard to the perception of sustainability (SVP), the first place on the list is occupied by EDP, with 237 million euros and plans "to increase investment and spend 25 billion euros in four years to almost double its renewable energy capacity to 33 gigawatts by 2026".

Galp Energia, on the other hand, achieved the highest Sustainability Perceptions Score, with 4.5 out of 10. This score is due to the metric "Committed to protecting the natural environment", "Reliable" and "Professionally, ethically and responsibly" of the sector in question.