Funchal is also among the destinations that has risen the most in the ranking compared to 2022. Porto and Faro also appear in the consultant's ranking.

With the onset of summer, ForwardKeys reveals, in its latest study, the 100 most popular destinations from July 1st to August 31st. Lisbon occupies the 7th position in the Top 100, although the data shows a decrease of one position, going from 6th to the current 7th place.

The city of Porto appears in 31st place, with a drop of six places, with Faro appearing in 43rd place, also with a drop of six places.

Funchal, in Madeira, is in this Top 100, occupying the 84th position, due to the rise of 15 positions compared to the ranking prepared in 2022.

Paris has dropped from the 1st destination to 2nd, with Bangkok (Thailand) in 1st position, having risen three positions compared to the 2022 ranking.

The remaining Top 10 of this ForwardKeys ranking is occupied by London (3rd place), Bali (4th place), Barcelona (5th place), New York (6th place), Istanbul (8th place), Madrid (9th place) and Athens (10th place).


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