Caroline’s journey into spirituality started at the age of 19, when she grew interested in the topic. After all, there are a few things in this world that cannot be easily explained by the tangible. At 21 years old, she decided to embark on a spiritual journey “and understand the deeper meaning of life.” She joined a Sufi Order where she remained with her husband Barry for 14 years.

In the years since, she’s worked as a social worker, a counsellor, a flower essence practitioner and a healer, having embraced spirituality following her departure from the Order. “I’ve gone through a lot,” McCutcheon explained to The Portugal News, “and that’s given me the experience to help and guide other people.”

In 2003 she was looking for a change from the urban landscape of London when a friend, who was a medium, suggested she move to Portugal, where the environment would be a lot better suited to her. “They predicted we would find a house behind a hill, so my husband flew out and started looking for exactly that,” Caroline recounted.

Eventually, they found one, and after a few years of using the villa as a holiday home, in 2006 they finally moved in permanently. In 2019, she’d have a change of scenery for herself and her family again, as they moved to the Alto Alentejo.

Caroline explained that it wasn’t simple to establish a connection between the visible and invisible worlds. Anyone can do it, she claims, but “it’s quite a lot to go through.” She gave the gist of it though, saying that “first you feel your own energy, then you invite your spirit guide into your energy field, and then you feel the difference. It’s less about thinking and more about feeling, you feel the energy out until you’re able to ask for its name.” She further explained that the mindset is important while practicing spirituality, as “if you don’t believe in what you’re trying to do, it will be a lot harder to do it.”

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McCutcheon’s new book goes into much more detail about the practice though and provides valuable insight into her life and experience with the spiritual world. She spent a year and a half working on this piece that provides instructions on spirituality, meditation and the channelling of spiritual guides. “It encourages readers to be open,” she said, “to be secure, in an environment that allows them to open up completely and best embrace their spirituality.”

Caroline also has a small music portfolio. “I started singing in 1980,” she revealed, “you can find some of my songs on my website.” Her first song was “Universal Language,” with another three available to listen to on the site. The song “Universal Language” came to her “in a dream.” The newest of these is “Alchemy,” which Caroline considers to be her best work. “I make songs to relate to spiritualism, when someone can’t express a feeling, I put it into song. But I also write songs for myself, just for the joy of writing music.” The three aforementioned songs can be listened to at, and don’t exist for commercial value. She has one song that is commercial, “A Friend Like You,” which is available on Spotify under her name.

Caroline McCutcheon runs a monthly meditation group on the first Saturday of every month in her town of residence, Castelo de Vide, in Alto Alentejo. She also offers readings through email and has elaborated a series of four workshops based on chapters of her book that will start in September, on certain Saturdays from 11am to 3:30pm. You can find information on all of these through her website,


Star in the 2015 music video for the hit single “Headlights” by German musician, DJ and record producer Robin Schulz featuring American singer-songwriter Ilsey. Also a journalist.

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