The event took place at the São Rafael Hotel in Albufeira, where the Great Pyramid of Atlantis was built, according to Diana Cooper, who said that was why she chose that location to hold her Raise The Frequency of The World event.

With several books published, Diana Cooper is the author of over thirty books on spirituality, translated into more than twenty languages and has inspired thousands of people around the world.

Nourishing program

From 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. on Sunday, we had moments of guided meditation, networking, delicious vegan food, and the opportunity to ask the speakers questions or share experiences with the public.

"What we're doing here is not just for us, it's for humanity, it's for everyone," said Diana Cooper. In fact, all these human beings were taking part in these meditations with the altruistic aim of supporting humanity, ending war, putting an end to poverty and helping the world to live in harmony.

The first meditation was led by Diana Cooper and was called "Raising the Frequency of Your Third Eye", where we had the chance to connect with our intuition. Then we had a coffee break before going to the auditorium again, this time to receive a deep Akashic cleansing from Adrian Lee. I didn't know Adrian Lee and that was a big surprise. Everyone just loved him!

According to the organisers: “Adrian Lee is the best person on the planet to anchor the light of Andromeda, the higher heart of the universe, where love, peace and wisdom are held at an 11D frequency. He is a High Priest of Andromeda and has a huge heart. He enfolds people in the higher love energy. He can remember signing contracts with the Andromedans and has worked tirelessly to be ready for this mission”.

After this clean-up, we had a two-hour break for lunch, where we had a tasty vegan buffet and a chance to make contact with the wonderful souls who took part in the event. Also, we had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the hotel, which were great.

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Deep meditation

At 2h30pm started the most awaited part of the event, the moment when we were going to merge with our monad. This was a long deep meditation, where over 500 people in person and thousands online, made it possible to raise the frequency of the planet.

The meditation was led by Diana Cooper, who took part in the panel with Adrian Lee, Mia Kafkios and Tim Whild.

Mia Kafkios is a “High Priestess of Andromeda, and she has agreed to take on this important lifelong responsibility to anchor the light of Lyra. Beyond the Stargate of Lyra is found the unicorn kingdom and as the Stargate opens to our collective energy, we bring through pure unicorn energy”, say the organisers on the website.

Tim Whild “is currently the only person on the planet who can anchor the energy of Helios. Helios is the Sun beyond the Sun, the Great Central Sun where all the light codes of this universe are created. These light codes carry the divine masculine, the highest masculine qualities like leadership with integrity, protection of the vulnerable, using power for the highest good”, say the organisers on the website.

In addition to this wonderful panel of speakers, “there were lots and lots of high-frequency beings there holding the energy”, Diana Cooper said. Not only the speakers but also the people in the audience had a very special energy.

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When we finished the meditation and merged with our monads, the sun started shining, and Diana Cooper said that we had made it. We have managed to raise the frequency of the world.

“It was exactly what I expected. It was fantastic. I had so much information from my guides and my angels and they were telling me that we have done the job of raising the frequency of the planet”, Diana Cooper said after the event was finished.

The audience was made up of over five hundred people who came from all over the world to give their contribution to boost the energy of the world. The attendees came from England, Singapore, America, Australia, and Brazil, among others.

The event was also an opportunity for Diana Cooper to spread the word about the Golden Future, through a recent book called "The Golden Future". In its pages, we found a lot of information about the Golden Future in all aspects of our lives. The advice is to live as if you were already in the Golden Future. Therefore, in the book we can find an explanation of what to expect and how we can reach a fifth dimension.

I have asked Diana what plans does she have for the future in terms of upcoming events, and she said that for now there are no events like this in the pipeline.

For those who didn’t have the chance to attend or watch online, please see the recorded video of the whole day at It can be an enriching experience.

For more information, please visit Diana Cooper’s website at


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