According to SAPO news, the municipal executive of Viana do Castelo approved yesterday the launch of an international public tender worth 10.72 million euros for the construction of the new municipal market and the surrounding arrangements. The work has an execution period of 720 days, according to the approved proposal.

“It is an important moment for all of us [given] the relevance that this work has for the city center”, says the mayor of Viana do Castelo, Luís Nobre, in a statement. The mayor adds that “the design team of the new municipal market managed to remain at the maximum values”, taking into account the necessary adjustments in the face of inflation.

About the Polis Program, which included the deconstruction of the Jardim Building that existed in the place where the new market will be born, the mayor considered that it was “a historic landmark within the city center”, which also allowed for the re-qualification of the riverfront of the city and the city park.

According to the Minho municipality, the building of the new municipal market has a construction budget estimate of around nine million euros, while the project for the surrounding arrangements, also approved, has a budget estimate of one million and 649 thousand euros.