These measures include a partnership with PSP to tackle vacation fraud, a new identity verification tool and a booking verification technology. Here are some tools to make your holidays safe, according to SAPO News.

Airbnb to require all guests and hosts to verify their identity before booking or hosting travellers

It's important for guests and hosts on Airbnb to be able to trust that people on the platform are who they say they are. Identity verification is an important part of building that trust in the community. For this reason, Airbnb requires all guests who book homes and the primary hosts who receive global bookings on Airbnb to complete the identity verification process.

Fighting fraud with the Public Security Police

The Public Security Police (PSP) and Airbnb have teamed up to issue new guidance to raise awareness of travel scams, help fight fraud and keep people safe online when booking.

Accommodation quality scheme

In addition to guest feedback, the system looks at considerations such as host cancellations and customer service issues to get an overall picture of the quality and reliability of listings on the platform. In this context, more than 12,000 listings worldwide have been removed since April 2023 that did not meet the standards for reliability and quality of hosts.

Avoiding parties through new booking technology

Following Airbnb's ban on parties, a booking verification technology has been launched in Portugal, which aims to reduce the risk of parties by taking steps to identify potential high-risk bookings and prevent them from being made. Since the party ban came into effect in August 2020, Airbnb has seen a 55 percent drop in the rate of party reports worldwide.

Reducing noise with Roomonitor

Through Airbnb's partnership with Roomonitor, hosts in Lisbon were able to get a free noise sensor to help detect and resolve potential issues - all while respecting guests' privacy. In addition, the Neighborhood Helpline allows neighbors to speak directly to Airbnb about concerns regarding a home they believe is listed on Airbnb, in case there is a party going on or other similar situations.