“We ended 2022 with around 16 million euros in sales and, at this moment, I can say that we are going to go from 16 million to 30 million in sales”, the general director of Mepisurfaces, Rogério Cross told Lusa.

Renowned brands such as Dior, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Hermés, Montblan or Tiffany have been identified as clients of Mepisurfaces, located in the Castelo Branco district.

Rogério Cruz explained that, due to confidentiality agreements, he does not reveal who the customers are, but added that "it will pass" and underlined that the luxury market is not in crisis, it has, on the contrary, registered "enormous growth", because they are known worldwide brands, have a global market and, when there is less demand in one place, they compensate with sales in other countries.

“We work with the biggest luxury brands in the world. French, Italians, mostly Swiss, Germans too. It is the pyramid of luxury, we are there, we are their direct suppliers”, underlined the director general of the company that produces pieces for jewellery, watches, leather goods, pens, buckles, luggage clasps, bracelets or earrings.

In January, the unit of the French-Swiss group FM Industries Sycrilor moved to facilities built from scratch in the Parque Industrial do Tortosendo, also in the municipality of Covilhã, where the company has been installed since 2013, which allowed it to double the area of ​​capacity for production, in an investment of around six million euros, and since the beginning of the year it has hired over 150 people, for a total of 462 jobs.

The general director stressed that investment has not stopped since then, with a view to optimising processes, gaining efficiency and providing a faster response to orders.

“This year we have already made an investment of around 400 thousand euros and we plan to invest another 900 thousand euros by the end of the year”, informed Rogério Cruz, who praised the “excellent receptivity on the part of the customers” and announced that he had closed a deal a few days ago with one of the main partners for a 15% increase in sales volume.

Mepisurfaces started working 24 hours a day, seven days a week in March, and now has the ability to deliver orders directly to the end customer, without first having to be sent to the group's factories in France, which made it possible to “reduce delivery times”.

“The focus was not on polishing. It industrialised, evolved, and allowed us this growth. We took advantage of existing knowledge combined with strong industrialization, research and development, hence the leap we were able to take”, emphasized Rogério Cruz.