"According to the sectoral analysis by Informa D&B, despite the strong growth in global turnover recorded in 2022, this value is still 50 million euros short of what was achieved in 2019", according to a report by Notícias ao Minuto had access.

The sector was "seriously affected in 2020, due to the constraints imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic", and the "situation continued into 2021, with the maintenance of some restrictions on activity in the first half of the year and the preference of the population for the practice of sports in open spaces. In these 2 years, the sector's turnover fell by close to 45%".

"The number of gyms in activity also recovered, being around 840 at the end of 2022. This number, although representing about 40 more than in 2021, is far below the 1100 existing in 2019. The Lisbon district concentrates approximately one-third of gyms across the country, followed by Porto, with 24%".