“It is urgent to create and apply a tribute with an environmental character to mitigate the negative externalities, produced by maritime visitors from outside the region, contributing to the development and sustainability of the destination”, reads in the Regional Legislative Decree, published today in DR.

The creation of the eco-tax results from a PAN initiative, which was approved on July 14 at the Regional Assembly, with votes in favor of PS, PSD, CDS-PP, BE, PPM, PAN and the independent deputy, one vote against from IL and the abstention of Chega.

The resolution warns of the need to “combat the impact of pollution generated by cruise ships on human health and the oceans” and considers that the “creation of environmental taxes allows maintaining the quality levels of the offer, without prejudice to making it more accessible and inclusive”.

The maritime ecotax will have the value of three euros per “passenger who disembarks from a cruise ship with a stopover at the terminals” of the archipelago and will “enter into force on January 1, 2025”.

In the case of a passenger disembarking at more than one regional terminal, “only the first disembarkation is charged”.

Passengers (and a companion) who travel for reasons of “urgent medical treatment”, passengers “homeless or evicted” or who disembark for “technical or meteorological reasons” are exempt from the fee.

“Disabled persons” and crew members are also exempt.