“As part of the project currently being carried out to reinforce the capacity and safety levels of the EN229, it will be necessary to implement traffic restrictions in the connection area to the town of Passos”, states IP, in a statement.

This intervention “aims at the construction of a roundabout at the access to the town of Passos, municipality of Viseu, replacing the previous junction, in order to improve mobility and road safety conditions”, explains the company.

During this period there will be “traffic closures on the EN229 connection to Passos” and the implementation of “punctual alternating circulation on the section between kilometer 65.6 and 65.8”.

“The work area and alternative routes” will be “properly signposted on-site” from Thursday, September 14th.

The work aims to “improve safety, circulation and mobility conditions for the thousands of motorists who use this road in their journeys”, mainly “the populations and companies in the municipalities of Sátão and Viseu, directly served by this section of the EN229”, highlights the company.

The requalification of EN229 was scheduled in February this year, with an execution period of 360 days and represents an investment of around 3.4 million euros.