According to Reinaldo Teixeira, CEO of the company, “In the 1980s, tourism in the Algarve was growing and since then the sector has become the economic engine of the region, and the wealth it has created is unquestionable.” This wealth led to the success of the company, which has been maintained for four decades, being “currently the anchor company of 41 participating companies grouped in Enolagest, SA”, with activities linked to tourism and real estate.

40 years of success

Speaking to The Portugal News, Reinaldo Teixeira highlights that “Garvetur is exclusively made up of national investors” and has more than 53 branches, spread across the Algarve region, Lisbon, Beira Baixa, Porto, in addition to several partnerships abroad. According to the CEO of Garvetur, entering the foreign market is a “strategic bet for sustained growth and diversification of activities and markets.”

Anyone who wants to turn to the Garvetur Group | Enolagest may expect “an integrated management solution, unprecedented in the sector”, launched in 2001. Therefore, customers will be able to benefit from services from all companies in the group, which will help to enhance the value of real estate and tourism. The group operates in the most diverse sectors, linked to the real estate and tourism sector, which, according to Reinaldo Teixeira, involves “providing consultancy and presence throughout the investment property park through mediation, purchase, sale, construction and rehabilitation of real estate, including hotel services, management of tourist developments, hotel assets, maintenance, repair and decoration of interior and exterior spaces, the holding also has an insurance and credit intermediation agency and a rent-a-car company and sale of vehicles.”

The best professionals

All services provided are complemented by the quality of customer service. Reinaldo Teixeira is proud to be responsible for a company whose growth was facilitated by “principles such as respect for the customer, trust and seriousness”, which remains the same after 40 years. The CEO of the Garvetur Group also states that the values will not be changed, as when applied they became the “best business card” that the company could ever advertise. In addition to the contact with the public, Garvetur also moves with the times and invests “in digital tools that facilitate contact with customers”, as well as focusing on training “professionals in all areas of activity of the group's companies.”

A constant challenge

Over 40 years, the challenges in the real estate sector have changed and Reinaldo Teixeira admits that one of the biggest challenges is “anticipating the trends and expectations of this sector of activity”. According to the CEO of the Garvetur Group, the evolution of the market has been immense “both in terms of architecture, construction methods, enhancement of social and public areas, landscaping, and its constant mutation requires us to have greater attention and insight to plan the future.” If at one point, people were looking for a pleasant place, with a hospitable and safe community, currently, consumers in the tourist market have been more concerned with “greater accessibility and environmental care, both in the surroundings and in the buildings.” At the moment, tax advantages are also sought after, for example. Reinaldo Teixeira also adds that in the luxury housing market, customers value “calm and privacy.”


Reinaldo Teixeira told The Portugal News that, as a businessman, he believes that “working together allows us to help each other”, which is necessary “to overcome the difficulties inherent to our multifaceted activities.” Therefore, Garvetur created an innovative method in the country, intervening in all real estate and tourism sectors, a commitment that was “consolidated with the creation of Enolagest, which allows our company, leader of the Group, to develop synergies and know-how directed towards an exclusive standard.”

The CEO of Garvetur would like to thank “all our friends, customers, partners and collaborators who have helped us to reach this important landmark of 40 years, which we are so proud of.”


Deeply in love with music and with a guilty pleasure in criminal cases, Bruno G. Santos decided to study Journalism and Communication, hoping to combine both passions into writing. The journalist is also a passionate traveller who likes to write about other cultures and discover the various hidden gems from Portugal and the world. Press card: 8463. 

Bruno G. Santos