“The projects themselves will be done, they will not be done as quickly as we all intended”, João Galamba told journalists, adding that there are problems in the execution of the investment.

On Friday, the Ministry of Infrastructure admitted implementing 189 million euros less of public investment in the railway this year compared to what was initially foreseen in the State Budget for 2023.

“We have been following it very closely, both in dialogue with IP and with the contractors, obviously trying to ensure that these works are carried out as quickly as possible, but there is no reduction in investment ambition, no abandonment of any investment project”, he insisted, stressing that the entire investment planned for the railway “is to be carried out”.

The government official assured that the executive will do “everything” so that the investment “is executed as quickly as possible”.

“Unfortunately, this doesn't just depend on the Government and it doesn't just depend on IP and, often, it doesn't just depend on contractors, since we're also talking about equipment and materials that have to be supplied by third parties”, he pointed out.

João Galamba added that by the end of the year “the first tender for the first section of the TGV will be launched, followed by the second” – although the second is awaiting the issuance of the environmental impact statement.