With its decentralized and censorship-resistant nature, ICP provides an alternative to traditional centralized cloud services. The Portugal Hub serves as a strategic location to further adoption of ICP.

Highlighting the significance of this launch, Tim Haldorsson, the ICP.Hub Portugal lead remarked, “ICP is a crypto project that continues to build during the crypto winter, focusing on adoption around real world use-cases. The ICP long-term vision also aligns with where I see the crypto market going in the next 5+ years. By establishing a hub in Portugal, we're poised to accelerate Portugal’s Web3 adoption with ICP.”

What is ICP?

The Internet Computer is a third-generation blockchain and cloud 3.0 that can be used to host and compute all sorts of applications on a decentralized framework. One of ICP’s top features is that it is built to consume less energy than most Proof-of-Stake networks, it used a novel consensus mechanism Proof-of-Useful-Work.

ICP features advanced smart contracts, called canister smart contracts that host computation capabilities and also act as data storage servers in the cloud. Each smart contract canister comes with software logic and data running on a virtual machine that is interoperable, composable, scalable and tamperproof.

What makes ICP unique?

Decentralized applications are revolutionizing the digital landscape. ICP aims to be at the forefront of this revolution with a decentralized cloud computing network that is not only highly scalable but also energy efficient.

What sets ICP apart is not only its small carbon footprint but also its high capacity to always execute programs on its network without delay

Unlike other blockchain projects , ICP aims to directly challenge internet giants by allowing anyone to create software on the internet, running on a decentralized network, and operating at web speed. This approach, combined with the support of prominent investors and industry leaders, is set to contribute greatly to the growth of DeFi.

ICP.Hub Portugal Introduction

The introduction of ICP.Hub in Portugal aims to create an environment that supports developers and projects who are building on the Internet Computer. This initiative is supported by DFINITY with the goal of accelerating the Internet Computer and adoption of the ecosystem.

The establishment of the ICP.Hub in Portugal will provide a platform for developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators to collaborate and create decentralized applications that leverage the capabilities of Internet Computer.

By fostering a community-driven ecosystem, the ICP.Hub aims to accelerate the development and deployment of Web3 applications while also facilitating knowledge sharing and skill development with in-person workshops in Lisbon.

What’s next for ICP in Portugal?

Waves3 ICP.Hub is going to host Lisbon & Porto-based workshops for developers, and towards the end of this and early next year bootcamps and hackathons in order to support developers and builders on ICP.

One of their first initiative is to support Motoko Bootcamp, which is a 7-days program to introduce developers to the Internet Computer and the Motoko language. Participants will join a team of experienced developers and receive direct support and guidance to create their first decentralized applications. It will start on the 6th of November, with a physical gathering in Lisbon. Admission is free.

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