It can be a helpful exercise to consider your life choices and expand your vision enough to see where they are taking you.

This is most obvious in the field of health. We all know that if you eat and drink too much you may well have health problems as you age. We all also know that addictions to substances like tobacco can injure your health in the long-term. We also know that not getting enough sleep and not doing any exercise will have long-term effects on our well-being. Why then is it difficult to lead a healthier life? It’s because we may feel all right now, in the present moment. We do not want to look at where our present actions are taking us in the future. Like an ostrich with our heads in the sand, we don’t want to know what the future holds.

A similar process happens with our mental and emotional life. If we are often angry, restless and dissatisfied, this will have an effect on our subtle energy bodies and our chakras. If these are out of balance for long enough problems can appear in our physical body and our mental state. High blood pressure, problems with digestion and the immune system, can all happen as a result of a state of disease and tension in our minds and feelings. Panic attacks, states of acute anxiety, burn out and intermittent bouts of depression can also be the result of how we feel on a day-to-day basis. Once you are experiencing any of these physical or mental symptoms, which are quite common, do you trace it back to the way you feel when you get up in the morning? Do you ask yourself what am I really angry about? Why am I always moving on, restless, from one thing to the next? Usually, we don’t trace our symptoms back to their initial starting point. We take a pill, do more exercise or change something in our outer life. But what might help us more is to look at why we are out of balance in the first place, to trace our present discomfort back to its original cause.

Spiritual life

The same thing applies to our spiritual life. You like everyone else have a spiritual self, a spiritual body, and this subtle body needs feeding. If you never feed your spirit you will experience the lack of meaning that a life without spirituality brings. You will feel a sense of disappointment and boredom with life without knowing why. You will feel dry and empty inside.

You can feed your spirit in many different ways, but we usually don’t learn how to do this at school. Art and music can feed your spirit, either by doing them or really appreciating them. This is because beauty feeds our spirit. You can also feed your spirit through appreciation of the beauty of nature. You can feed your spirit by reading books that have inspired past generations with their spiritual wisdom. And lastly, you can feed your spirit through your own experience of meditation, contemplation and contact with the invisible world. This is something everyone can experience, if you give yourself a short space of time daily to devote to this.

It sometimes helps to ask yourself, where am I going? Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Because they work as one. If you are feeding your spirit but ignoring your body, you will be out of balance. If you are treating your body well but have great bitterness inside, this will be poisoning your aura, which will eventually affect your physical body and your spiritual self. If you are well balanced physically and mentally but are starving your spirit, even though you may enjoy good health you will feel a lack of joy inside. Joy comes from the spirit and is different from happiness. Joy is found in fraternity, brother/sisterhood and service. Without a sense of deeper meaning, your life lacks substance. You never feel a deep sense of joy.

Just asking where you are going can be a good place to start. Where am I going with my body? With my mind and feelings? With my spirit? Just asking these questions puts you in a different frame of reference. You are now ready to explore the possibility of finding a sense of balance in your life, as you align your body mind and spirit in a way that helps you feel well.

Welcome to a new way of living that does not cost you anything, and that will help you create a more joyful future. Welcome to a more spiritual life.


Caroline McCutcheon is a writer, healer and medium who lived for fifteen years in a small village in the Algarve.  Four years ago she moved with her husband to the Alto-Alentejo. To read more about her, and her work go to:

Caroline McCutcheon