Portugal has several mountain ranges, with high and cold points, where snowfall is frequent in winter, making the places an attractive option for those who want to see snow for the first time.

Serra da Estrela

Located in central Portugal, Serra da Estrela is the most popular place in the country in terms of snowfall and inherent tourism. At 1993 metres above sea level, the Tower becomes a place populated by parents taking their children to see snow for the first time. It is the ideal place for playing in the snow, snowboarding, and other winter sports. It is also possible to travel by cable car, which allows you to see the entire Serra da Estrela dressed in white.

Serra de São Mamede

Despite being located in Alto Alentejo, in the district of Portalegre, it is possible to see, sporadically, snowflakes falling, particularly in the town of Marvão. The town deserves to be visited at any time of year, full of medieval history, the walls of Marvão will have a special taste if they are covered in snow, gracing the Alentejo region, in particular the Serra de São Mamede.


The region is colloquially known for having “nine months of winter and three months of hell”, due to the long and harsh winters that plague the region. Located in the district of Bragança, snowfall is common in the nearest mountains, in an area where access can sometimes be complicated. However, the difficulty of access has allowed us to preserve much of the archaeological and visual identity of the region, which can be appreciated from afar while enjoying a white landscape - something rare in Portugal.

Peneda-Gerês National Park

In the district of Vila Real, in a place where mountains such as Gerês are integrated, more precisely in the municipality of Montalegre. In places like Planalto do Barroso, the cold that was felt and the snow that fell were forever recorded in images and literature, as they left a mark in the minds of the population, who saw their houses covered by an icy white blanket.


Probably the most picturesque village in Portugal, located in Serra do Açor, in the municipality of Arganil, in the district of Coimbra. The well-known nativity scene village can be covered in snow in winter. With houses made of schist, the village, which is difficult to access, is a place that deserves to be visited for all its magic and atmosphere that is completely different from what can be seen in Portugal. The landscape will be even more special if, as a family, for example, you enjoy a landscape with snow covering the rooftops of the brownish houses.

When does snow fall in Portugal?

Finding snow in Portugal can be a challenge, especially in regions with lower altitudes. In the indicated regions, it will be possible to witness snowfall between December and March.

Weather forecasts are usually accurate and can be a useful tool for anyone looking to build a snowman.

However, precautionary measures should be taken when visiting a snowy location. The use of sunglasses may be recommended, due to the reflective nature of the ice, as well as wearing warm but comfortable clothing to make the most of the experience.

Driving on terrain where there has been snowfall must also be done taking all necessary road safety measures.


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