In the 2023 fiscal year, easyJet obtained revenue of 8,171 million pounds (around 9,417 million euros), registering an increase of more than 2,400 million pounds (around 2,765 million euros) compared to the results obtained in the fiscal year previous.

Regarding the results obtained in Portugal, easyJet reveals that it “reached record numbers” this year, with seat availability at around 10.8 million and reservations at 9.8 million. “These are the best results ever”, referring to the airline that, for 2024, “new record numbers of supply and demand are expected, with an increase of 4% in seats and 6% in reservations.

In this fiscal year 2023, easyJet maintained a leading position in Madeira – Funchal and Porto Santo – and secured 2nd place in the main airports on the continent – Porto, Lisbon and Faro.

It is also possible to verify that easyJet's current market share, in percentage, is 23% in Funchal, 38% in Porto Santo, 20% in Porto, 14% in Lisbon and 19% in Faro, indicating the company led by José Lopes, in Portugal, which remains “a leader in flows between Portugal, Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom”, highlighting that “this shows a large presence of the company in Portugal, with room for further growth next year”.

In Portugal, there was a 32% increase in 2023 bookings vs. the previous year and an occupancy rate of more than 90% on flights departing from Portuguese airports, which, according to easyJet, “reflects the airline's ability to effectively manage its offer and maintain high levels of engagement with passenger. This robust occupancy rate is indicative of a strong presence in the market, customer loyalty and easyJet’s continued commitment to improving the passenger experience.”

For 2024, easyJet will add two new destinations to the 98 existing routes – Porto to Menorca, starting on June 25, 2024, and Funchal to Bordeaux, starting on April 6, 2024, thus totalling 100 routes in the next year.