For those of you not familiar with this ancient British traditional game it is played using the hard shiny brown nuts of the horse chestnut tree known as conkers. Each player has a nut on the end of a string and they take turns to strike the opponent's conker. The winner is the person who destroys the opponent's conker and goes on to the next round.

After several rounds of the knockout competition, there were two unbeaten players Tim Holmes and Huw Chivers. The final was started at the meeting point at Rooster's near S.B. Messines continued on during the day's ride to the coffee break in São Barnabe and again after everyone had enjoyed a very nice lunch at restaurant Paraiso de Montana near Foia. After such a long time with neither competitor's Conkers suffering any serious damage, Tim and Huw were declared joint champions.

In the meantime, everyone had a great day of riding through hills on a beautiful clear sunny day.

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The route included some of the highest roads in the Algarve with great views of the mountains and towards the coast. The event was organized by Huw Chivers, Peter Kenyon and David Shirley.

The next event will be the Charity Christmas lunch on the 8th of December at restaurant O Barril Albufeira. All invited including riders, family, friends and guests.