We will be moving towards oneness, where we do what is for the highest good of all, rather than aiming for our own personal satisfaction or benefit. Competition and winning are old age terms to be replaced by co-operation and harmony. Rich and poor will be replaced by equality while costly war will be trumped by prosperous peace.

Everyone will be prosperous.

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael holds the light codes of prosperity. For this universe, these are contained at a tenth-dimensional frequency within a globe of green and silver light on the planet Jupiter. Yes, there are specific codes that you can access. When you open your heart and pour love into the globe and match your frequency to that of the codes, you can draw out and activate them at a cellular level in your own energy fields.

The codes move from your spiritual body, into the mental, emotional and finally the physical one. Here they are absorbed into your cells. Once the codes of prosperity are within you, you automatically attract good things financially into your life. Economic prosperity is a natural part of our divine birthright. It is encoded into our divine blueprint. The only thing that prevents you is your belief in lack or that you do not deserve it.

Upgrade your ability to receive good things

Prosperity is usually considered to be economic richness. However, when you are open to receiving good things, many kinds of riches come to you. You may receive a better job with higher pay but even more importantly, work satisfaction. A beautiful home may unexpectedly come your way, or a car, a relationship, or anything you desire. The key is to tell the angelic world that you want it, believe you deserve it and now expect it.

When is it not right to ask for something?

If you want something that belongs to someone else. If you desperately want a gorgeous camper van or antique clock owned by your neighbour or you covet your bosses’ job do not ask for it. That creates bad karma. Instead ask for something equally as good, that brings you as much satisfaction or prosperity.

Watch your reasons for wanting something.

Do you want that house because it boosts your ego or is it because it would make a lovely home for your children, near their school? If the former, let it go. If the latter, ask Archangel Raphael for a lovely home for your children, near their school.

Do you want that job because it makes you feel important and you will have more money to spend or because it would give you a sense of satisfaction and you feel you could bring your skills and ideas to it? If the former, watch your ego. If the latter ask for a job where you can add value and feel satisfied. It is also OK to have more money to spend. When you have established that wish, ask for the extra money that you deserve.

Creating the life you want

Step 1 is to decide what you really do want.

If you are not sure what you want or you constantly change your mind, your angels and the angels of prosperity are receiving mixed instructions.

You decide you want a new red car. You deserve it. It feels good to own that car.

The angels are delighted that you have made up your mind.

They start to bring the red car out of the celestial garage to deliver into your life.

The following morning as you are driving to work in your old jalopy, you think, ‘This car is OK. I don’t really think I need a new car. What would my mates say?’

The angels sigh and put the car back into the celestial garage.

Driving home in an ebullient mood you think. ‘I really deserve a new car. It would be wonderful to drive one that is reliable and looks good.’ And you picture yourself zooming along the motorway in your new red car.

‘Hooray,’ sing the angels and bring the car out of the celestial garage again.

But before they can deliver it to you, you have decided that you ought to spend the money on a new washing machine and a holiday for the family.

Back goes the car. And so it goes on.

The angels would be delighted for you to enjoy your new red car, and a washing machine and a holiday for the family. They love you to have abundance consciousness.

Just make up your mind what you want and know that you deserve it.

Visualisation to activate light codes of prosperity

1. Close your eyes and relax.

2. Picture what you wish to draw from the universal pool of prosperity.

3. See yourself enjoying it.

4. Now open your heart and send love to Jupiter, the planet of prosperity and abundance.

5. Archangel Raphael enfolds you in his emerald wings and takes you to an inner chamber.

6. Here there is a globe filled with the emerald and silver light codes of prosperity.

7. Sense these light codes flowing into you, filling your entire spiritual, mental, emotional and bodies.

8. Thank Archangel Raphael for bringing you your heart’s desire.

9. Then open your eyes and go about preparing to receive it in your life.

Enjoy and give thanks for all that you have.


Diana Cooper’s spiritual journey started 40 years ago with an angelic visitation and she has worked with Angels ever since.  She has written 33 books translated into 28 languages.

She has travelled world-wide sharing inspiration from the higher realms and now teaches regular on-line courses.  She founded the Diana Cooper School of White Light, a not-for-profit organisation offering spiritual teaching courses throughout the world. www.dianacooper.com

Diana Cooper