“We will carry out clarification actions, fundamentally focused on social security issues and we will also try to work on tax issues, another matter in which there are many doubts”, José Cesário told Lusa.

The official stated that emigrants are faced with a problem, which also occurs in Portugal, although not as serious, which is the “lack of information about rights, and how to solve their problems”.

“In recent years there has been some local work done by social security technicians, the so-called social security attachés, but this work is still not enough,” he said.

For this reason, José Cesário has already agreed with the ambassadors in Switzerland and Luxembourg, and “the same thing will eventually happen in France”, in the sense that these clarification sessions will be held.

To help Portuguese people who have emigrated and are now returning, already retired, or about to be, the Government will try to revalue and give visibility again to emigrant support offices that operate in Portuguese municipalities.

During this trip to France, José Cesário confirmed the difficulties facing Portuguese Education