In Portugal particularly, without doubt a country of beauty, culture and a knack for celebrating the simple things in life, investment trends can be fickle or constrained by inherent market forces such as limited pipeline and restricted liquidity.

However, these limitations are mitigated by targeting areas of investment where Portugal offers:

  • A natural competitive advantage

  • A strong track record

  • Are strategically important and a pillar of the Portuguese economy and growth strategy

  • Have a strong mix of public and private initiatives and capital

Agricultural, Touristic and Renewable Energy Investments would fall into this category in a Portuguese context but would also align with global trends.


Investing in agriculture presents a compelling opportunity due to its inherent stability and long-term growth potential. Agriculture is a fundamental sector that provides essential goods for sustenance, making it less susceptible to economic downturns.

Furthermore, the global population continues to increase, driving demand for food and agricultural products. Investing in agriculture offers diversification benefits to investment portfolios, as it operates independently of traditional financial markets.

Additionally, technological advancements and innovative farming practices are continually improving efficiency and productivity in the sector, further enhancing its attractiveness as an investment opportunity with promising returns.


Investing in the sector of tourism in Portugal is particularly relavant. Portugal is the first country to surpass pre-covid levels of tourism in Southen Europe and this is without key Asian markets like China fully opening yet.

Portugal's growing reputation as a tourist destination, coupled with its favorable climate and rich cultural heritage, makes tourism-related investments particularly promising.

Significant potential for long-term stability and medium term growth makes the sector a strong cornerstone of a Portugal centric investment portfolio.

Renewable Energy:

Investing in renewable energy is a wise choice for several reasons. Firstly, it aligns with the global shift towards sustainable practices, making it a lucrative sector with considerable growth potential.

Additionally, renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, offer long- term cost savings and reduce reliance on finite resources like fossil fuels.

Moreover, investing in renewable energy contributes to environmental conservation by reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Real Life Application:

Portugal Panorama ( has adopted the above strategy in initiating the first co-investment Golden Visa eligible fund expertly managed by FundBox SCR, which amalgamates the finest investment prospects in the 3 core sectors mentioned above in Portugal as well as quality international private equity opportunities.

We curate a portfolio with partners of track-record, ethical alignment, and investment distinction. By co-operating with our extensive network, we can leverage unique insights, comprehensive experience, and blended acumen to the benefit of investors.

Importantly investments are not limited to Portugal as the fund seeks private equity opportunites in other jurisdiction and currencies. This does not impact on Golden Visa eligibility but strategically overcomes a key limitation of Portugal being limited investment pipeline and excentuates diversification.

Investors now benefit from a layered structure that emphasizes diversification, governance and excellence while de-risking returns substantially.

We would welcome the opportunity to share our experience in Portugal with you and help co-ordinate a solid Golden Visa Strategy. Feel free to reach out and contact us on