INE estimates point to a life expectancy at birth of 78.37 years for men and 83.67 years for women.

Compared to the previous three years, this increase was 0.32 years for men and 0.15 years for women.

“In the space of a decade, there was an increase of 1.14 years in life expectancy at birth for the total population, 1.40 years for men and 0.87 years for women”, highlighted the INE, attributing the increase to the reduction in mortality at ages 60 and over.

However, the contribution of older ages was “more significant for women than for men”, according to the same source.

At age 65, men can expect to live 18 years and women 21.11 years, which corresponds to an increase of 0.24 years for men and 0.13 years for women compared to 2020-2022.

In the last ten years, life expectancy at age 65 has increased by 10.2 months for men and 8.4 months for women.

“Despite the increase in life expectancy at birth in the 2021-2023 triennium, this is still lower than that estimated for 2018-2020 (81.22 years), as a result, in particular, of the reduction in life expectancy at birth recorded in triennium 2019-2021 (-0.25 years) due to the increase in the number of deaths in the context of the COVID-19 disease pandemic”.