Agreed. Where there is a will, there is a way. Jenny’s been busy creating her new exotic jams and chutneys. “Some are a little bit on the spicy side!” Really. “But selling well at all our events. Shoppers at the Alvor and Silves charity outlets are keeping their staff busy. “For the record.” Hm? “We have actually raised more than our fair share, so we are looking to donate to other charities and shelters.” Wow! “If you think you are eligible then please apply to the Association for Protection Animals Algarve via their email below. Please include your email and prime telephone number. Facebook alone will not do. A Panel will adjudicate.” Got it.

Somewhere beyond the current horizon is a wind-down for Team APAA’s events and ‘Pop-Up’ shops. “Just as well.” Jenny has packed another set of traps. “Our cat-napping-trapping and SNiP campaign has breached a huge space in the feral feline cat-colony problem.” Several community members have bravely summoned the true spirit of ‘Here to Help’ and started their own trapping sessions. APAA’s unique SNiP (Spaying & Neutering Programme) has made a huge change in the colonies numbers. “Patience and time.” Exactly. Which is the same for dog grooming sessions. Noticing clumps of woofie-hairs? Rolling up sleeve time. “Please be kind and gentle with your pet. They are not all lovers of combs and brushes.” Indeed. “Adding some fish or olive oil to their food every two or three days helps keep a glossy coat and strong skin and bones.” Good idea. “Showering the animal does not help the knots and tangles. It has to be a brush and comb.” And some treats.

Friday 7th June Mostly He-man Cave and She-girl shed gear! Casa de Pasto de Parreirinha outskirts of Odelouca. Electric and hand tools and DIY stuff for the home and garden. Always popular. Also, Jenny’s tasty jams, preserves, and exotic chutneys will be available. Get a refreshing cold or hot drink whilst browsing! Meet friends and relax.

APAA Ferragudo car boot sales finished for the summer and will re-start in October. Charity shops at Alvor and Silves, are always full to busting with bargains and goodies throughout the year. All monies raised are for their SNiP (Spaying & Neutering Programme). Helping to keep the feral cat colonies maintained. Also for unfortunate abandoned, often badly injured or pregnant dogs. Any ideas to help? Want to spend some time and volunteer?

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