”I prayed to God for help to find Maki a home and placed an article in this paper in July and he sent an angel called Dominique.
She never considered another dog but saw in Maki what I saw in him, a majestic boy full of love and a look of determination and hope beyond belief. Dominique opened her heart and her home to him and the following tells of her reward for her kindness.
Maki, disabled and thrown on the streets to die and whose mobility was getting worse and worse had no chance of a future home. He spent years watching people passing his kennel for the younger, more perfect dogs.
Soon he started joining Dominique and her other dogs on their walks twice a day. At first, just part of the way, but by now the whole circuit. Maki adores Dominique and this is what pushed him to get stronger. No, he was not going to let Dominique out of his sight. We knew he would never be able to manage stairs but that was okay. However, I then got a text from Dominique saying he now climbs the stairs every night to be next to his darling Dominique. He even jumped a little wall so he could get to her - the power of love.
Please consider the older and the not so perfect dog for adoption. They have so much love to give. Maki’s story surely tells us this.
Please visit www.dogsofportugal.com and look at their ‘special cases’ and if you feel you can take one of these or one of their older dogs found on www.ocantinhodamilu.com I will offer the same help as I offered with Maki. Full medical and blood tests, then annual injections paid for the next 3 years and transportation to you and also a pet passport if needed”.
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