"If this trend continues, we will reach 1,000 new cases a day. We have to stop this trend. We cannot stop the country," said the prime minister at the press conference.

In his initial statement, the executive leader considered that the country "is experiencing a strong growth of new cases daily" - a trajectory that began to register in mid-August.

Therefore, according to António Costa, "the pandemic cannot be allowed to continue to grow".

"We will not be able to lockdown the country again, as happened in March. Now, the control of the pandemic depends on the personal responsibility of each one of us. We cannot deprive children of access to school again, we cannot prohibit again families to visit their loved ones at home, we cannot separate families at Christmas as we did at Easter. We really have to stop the pandemic by ourselves through our personal responsibility ", he stressed.

"Fortunately, the pressure on the NHS remains limited. In fact, today's numbers show a decrease in hospitalised patients, both in intensive care and general hospitalisations. Fortunately, we are not in a situation where there is no control in the NHS", he said.