Lisbon tourism under threat from 'drug' dealers

in News · 10-02-2020 10:29:00 · 4 Comments

Street sellers are offering unsuspecting tourists in Lisbon’s centre “drugs” which police say are often bay leaves, flour or ground paracetamol

Locals in Lisbon’s historic Santa Maria Maior district told Reuters the fake drugs phenomenon is getting worse, worrying police and business owners who fear tourists could start to steer clear of the Portuguese capital’s bustling centre.

Tourists sometimes come into bars saying they are hiding from dealers, while police said that on occasion dealers get aggressive if a potential buyer is not interested.


Portugal made a fantastic, world leading, step in decriminalizing drugs. To end harassment in the streets, legalize it and start a well regulated industry. This would be a economic boon for Portugal, as most of Europe is behind on this topic, and eliminate the shady street deals. It would turn a potential negative impact on tourism into a net positive.

By Steve from Other on 12-02-2020 05:36

I have stopped going to Baixa due to constant harrassment. Sitting and having a beer on an R Portas de Santo Antão esplanada is impossible without being interrupted countless times. ´Conspiracy to sell controlled substances´ should be applied, weather or not they are genuine. Police have frisked some offenders, but without the ability to make fines or detentions.

By João from Lisbon on 12-02-2020 02:27

I've seen several times in Rossio and Bairro Alto where the dealers are openly pedaling while the police is turning a blind eye and is busy harassing Uber drivers instead.

By Sea from Lisbon on 10-02-2020 05:50

This issue seems like a conspiracy as the dealers plainly operate in the same areas everyday without resistance. They're invasive, rude and aggressive, and, to top it off, fraudulent! Walking along Rua de Prata last week I saw police standing chatting & smoking on one junction with around 20 dealers openly pushing at the very next junction. Either the Police are oblivious and incompetent or they're in cahoots. Who's to say which it is... but it's certainly suspect.

By DV from Lisbon on 10-02-2020 11:03
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